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A few of my favorite things

Posted in DSLR Video with tags , , , , on December 17, 2009 by evanbutson

A friend recently asked for suggestions of a few stocking stuffers she could give her partner who is getting into photography, thought this might make a good post so here goes.

1. Lens Pen: I was introduced to these by a DOP a few years ago, one end has a normal brush that most people have in the camera bags, the other end has a small disc that has a small microfiber like substance used to remove annoying little smudges on lenses etc. I have found that these little devices are pretty much the only thing you really need for cleaning if you have to cut down your kit. I still carry a blower and a microfiber cloth as well, but I have these seeded throughout all my camera bags.

2. UV Filters:  Lenses are expensive, scratches and marks are common, every lens you own should have a protective UV filter, they are comparatively cheap and protect your lens from day to day damage, and they are very easy to replace if you do scratch them.

3. Flash Diffuser: Onboard flashes are next to useless for anything other than happy snaps, however if you must use one, you can knock out a bit of the harshness with an onboard Flash Diffuser, do a search on eBay and you can get them for $10.

4. Remote Shutter Release: One of those things you dont need often, but when you do, you really do!. Most professional DSLR,s will take a connection that allows you to remote trigger the shutter release, as well as focus, and some will also allow other functions as well. Make sure you get one that supports all the features of your camera. The one I have works long distance and also supports Bulb (a great feature is if you set to bulb and hold the release for more than 10 seconds you can let go of the button, and the shutter will stay open till you press it again to close the shutter. Very useful for time-lapse shots.

5. Lens Cloth: Available from the PhotoProShop website, this little cloth snaps onto your camera strap and fives you a nice little cloth that you can use at a moments notice to quickly clean a lens, I also use it to lay over my camera body if I have a lens off it to stop dust getting in as I change lenses. Only problem is you Canon owners might throw up a little in your mouths if you have to have a cloth that has the word Nikon on it.