#holder{width:640px; margin:auto; margin-top:0px; padding:0px; background-color:#fff;}
#videobar {width:640px; height:100px; background:#000;}
.videobar-wide a.videobar-nav {height:100px!important;}
.videobar-wide div.videobar-viewport {width:540px!important;}

apiKey: 'movideo50Kaliber',
appAlias: {
flash: "50kaliber-universal-flash",
iphone: "50kaliber-universal-iphone",
ipad: "50kaliber-universal-ipad"
playlistId: '48696'
apiKey: 'movideo50Kaliber',
playlistId: '48696',
mediaHandler: playMedia,
heightViewport: '100px',
heightContainer: '100px',
showDesc: false
function playMedia(e) {
$('#player').player('play' , { mediaId:e.data.id });


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