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New Site, New Blog, New Home

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So, after much back and forthing I decided to move my blog and website to a new home. The fine folks at SquareSpace do a wonderful job of making this as easy as possible.

What this means is not much, this blog will not be receiving any more posts, there is a new link to the blog

There is a new RSS link

All the exisiting blog posts/comments etc have been moved over so nothing has ‘gone away’

However with the new site I will be putting up a lot more of my own tutorial videos alongside the Adobe Connect Sessions I do.

Also, keep your eye on my blog as very soon there will be a BIG announcement that I think will be a GAME CHANGER!

So in the meantime, remember, update those RSS aggregators with the new address and keep reading 🙂

The infamous Parts List

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After a lot of emails I have finally relented and got off my butt and put together a detailed list of the components that make up my rails rig.

PROAIM FOLLOW FOCUS, RAILS, MATTE BOX KIT: Available from a variety of places, I got mine off eBay, just google it and you should find a few sources. I used this as the basis for my kit, figuring I could upgrade bits as I went along, which I did. And continue to do. I have written a more detailed post on the bits here, so wont re-invent the wheel.

microShoulderMount for 35mm Adapters Bundle (Patent Pending): Redrock gear is nice, very nice, the shoulder mount stuff is the best I have seen and not too expensive. Using this bundle with the ProAim kit means you get the best bits of RedRock with the cheaper ProAim rails and camera mount.

microMount 3 pack : These little microMounts are great, you can pop them anywhere on the Rails or the handle bar and mount lights, LCD monitors, audio recorders etc. They have a little spigot that drops in, so if you need to take something off the rails quickly you don’t need to remove the whole microMount.

Cinevate Universal Rails Block for 15mm Rods: I bought a couple of these, mainly to use to mount the DVtec springed Pole but also as another way of mounting things on the rig. Cinevate gear is pricey but awesome quality. I also use their Nikon to Canon lens adaptors, and after a friend got one from another company literally stuck on his lens, he borrowed my Cinevate one and now only uses them.

MicroLink 4 Riser & 4″ Carbon Fibre Rails: After mounting my camera and the viewfinder I discovered that for it to be completely comfortable I needed to offset the shoulderpad, I ordered two of these Risers and the carbon fibre rails thinking I would need the two rails to handle the weight of the rig, however as this was my first experience with carbon fibre rails I had no idea how strong and flex resistant they are, so I only needed one. Sometime in the future I hope to order a couple of longer carbon fibre rods to replace my metal ones, purely to save on weight.

LCDVF from Jag35: After buying the Hoodman Loupe which is not to fine a point on it, a total piece of crap. I decided to take a punt on the LCDVF for two reasons, one it was noticeably cheaper than the Zacuto ZFinder and it was a lot longer which matches the ergonomics of my rig more. I am happy to report that this unit is everything I could have hoped for, focusing is a breeze and it is supremely comfortable.

Springed Shock Absorbing Pole: DVtec actually sell whole support rigs and one of the camera ops I work with has one, however, as I had the vast majority of the gear already in terms of the camera mount I didn’t want the whole DVtec solution, so I just ordered the support pole from them. This inserts into the spring mounted on the Cinevate block, the other end goes into a small holder that I wear on an off the shelf Weightlifter belt. This not only supports almost all of the weight of the rig without the need for counterbalance, but it also absorbs a lot of the slight movement when walking etc. And finally means I can hold the camera with one hand and us the other to operate follow focus, adjust camera settings etc. Something I can’t do if I use the counter balance approach.

And that’s it. I am looking at probably replacing the follow focus soon, probably with the RedRock unit, the ProAim unit still works fine but I have a few big time gigs coming up and I would feel a fair bit safer with the RedRock unit and the ProAim as a backup in case I have problems. That and eventually replacing the rails with carbon fiber to save on weight and I am pretty much done. I am still on the lookout for a good handle system to add, there are a few different types available but so far none that I am 100% happy with.

Adobe says what?

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Just a quick post to let you know that due to a slight whoopsie on the part of Adobe, all my Connect sessions are no longer, so all the links on the Connect page wont work. Its a bit of a bummer, but hey, whats a few dozen hour long training videos between friends 😉 This has finally made me move on something I have been meaning to do for a while, I am going to migrate my website and blog across to a new web host that will hopefully make things a bit smoother, I will then re-record a lot of my sessions with some new info as well. So hang fire, and within a week or two, there will be a new site, new training videos and a few other little surprises that I cant talk about just yet 🙂 ooooohhhhh mysterious.