Quick D300s Update

Have a shoot tonight of one of the worlds best percussionists doing a gig, so will get a chance to test out the low light capabilities, only wish my Redrock support was here already, seems a shame to do this on a tripod. Check back for some footage samples in a day or so.


2 Responses to “Quick D300s Update”

  1. I watched the percussionist video and liked the quality very much. Great work!

    Do you care to share a bit about the amount of existing light, the ISO at which you shot and the settings involved? I have a similar upcoming shoot myself and suddenly am considering using the 300s instead of the Canon A3.

    Any info you could share would be helpful.

    • evanbutson Says:


      Would love too, unfortunately, when shooting video, these cameras don’t record the metadata such as ISO, aperture etc into the file like they do with still images, so I cant be precise about settings. I do know that pretty much everything was shot at 2.8, except for the 50mm stuff which was at 1.8. As far as ISO goes, it was pretty high most of the time as the lighting for most of the even consisted of about 4 or 5 parcans with gels, most of them red. In the master files you can see some noise but it actually looks more like grain on Super 16mm film than the normal noise you get when you dial in say 12db of gain on a HDV camera. Out of interest we had two HDV cameras there at the same event, both Sonys and the footage out of both of them was practically useless. I had only had the camera for a short time before the gig, and in hindsight I should have played around with the white balance a bit, I left it on auto and so there is a fair bit of footage that is off, i could have fixed it in post a fair bit for the edit but I wanted to show people the raw image out of the camera. The main takeaways for me from that shoot which was an off the cuff thing (wasn’t even going till about an hour before) was that I definitely needed a shoulder mount rig and a hoodman or Zacuto eyepiece if also a must.

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