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Adobe E-Seminar – Indtoruction to Premiere CS4

Posted in Connect Recordings on October 17, 2008 by evanbutson

Here is the link to Fridays E-Seminar Introduction to Premiere Pro CS4




Adobe E-Seminar – Adobe CS4 – Authoring BluRay, DVD and FLASH with Encore and Premiere

Posted in Connect Recordings on October 11, 2008 by evanbutson

So as promised, here is the link to Fridays e-Seminar on Adobe Creative Suite CS4 – Authoring DVD, BluRay and FLASH with Premiere and Encore.



Upcoming events

Posted in Upcoming Events on October 3, 2008 by evanbutson

OK, so with the launch of CS4 it is getting to be a fun part of the year, there are a few things coming up

First off is the second Adobe Online Creative Festival, the last one was a great success so this one should be twice as good with CS4 in the mix, you can register here.

Also the annual DMW Festival is on again, Adobe are doing their famous mini sessions on all the elements of CS4, as well I will be doing a session on my use of Tapeless Workflows and CS3 at the 2008 Olympics. So it looks to be a great show, you can register here.