Decklink Panasonic P2 and XDCAM EX

So as you al know Premiere Pro CS3 added Panasonic P2 support a while ago and then just recently they added XDCAM EX support, which is great, however, as it is just Premiere support, for those of us who actually need to monitor the files on a reference monitor we are out of luck, unless we buy a Matrox AXIO right? Well, just by accident, I was working on some new P2 greenscreen footage that we just shot, and for shits and giggles, I started loading the footage into different BlackMagic presets, and what do you know, not only do the clips playback in RT, they are listed as realtime (ie no rd bar) on a Decklink. So for those of you with MultiBridges and Decklinks, you can now edit a dmonitor P2 with abandon, but it gets better, I then loaded some XDCAM EX 1080P footage into a BlackMagic timeline and it is listed as unrendered, but it seems to  playback in RT fine, in all its 1080p goodness. Seeing as this is not listed in the Black Magics features just thought you migh tlike to know.


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