Decklink MultiBridge

So I finally caved, I was having a few issues with my monitor out plugin with Premiere and so I went ahead and ordered a MultiBridge Pro. After spending a good day moving things around in my rack I got the MultiBridge installed and running with Premiere and let me say, so far it is the easiest and simplest install and setup I have ever done for a non-linear card.  Basically the MultiBridge gives you every in and out from VHS through component to HD SDI and even HDMI. In Premiere you can edit in SD, HD all the way up to 2K. And let me tell you, I downloaded a few of the test clips from the RED One camera and ran them through the MultiBridge, boy that’s a nice picture. So far had no major hassles, did get a weird one where all the HD outputs were flickering, restarting, and even re-installing the software didn’t fix it, turns out all I had to do is pull the power to the MultiBridge and that reset everything, that and the small fact that when using other sound devices other than the MultiBridge there is a slight sync problem on playback, I am guessing it is between one and two frames, which considering the amount of sync problems people have with Plasmas in their suites is not too bad. Its fine on output, as then I would switch over to the MultiBridge to lay out to tape (on those odd occasions when I still do use the SP). So for any Premiere or After Effects users who are looking for a VERY high quality monitoring and output device I cant recommend the MultiBridge highly enough. Easily the best picture I have seen out of a Premiere suite short of the Matrox Axio.


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