Sony’s New Solid State HD Camera

So I just got a good look at the new Soild State HD camera from Sony, the PMW-EX1, and I have to say I like it, its like they sat down with a Panasonic HVX 200 and listed all the things it does badly or annoyingly and then made sure their camera doesnt do that. Basically like the Panny it is a HD camera (it actually carries the CineAlta badge) that records to solid state media rather than tape (there is no tape drive at all unlike the Panny, so it is HD all the way) it can shoot pretty much every variant of HD from HDV to 720p to 1080p at variable frame rates (up to 30 fps at 24fps for 1080 and up to 60 fps at 24 fps for 720), and utilities MPEG 2 compression to shoot either HDV or higher data rate HD clips. You can find a few good reveiews on the web already about this camera but here is my list of reasons why I would like one:

-Uncompressed 4:2:2 Outbut via BNC in either HD or SD
-True 1080P CMOS sensors means it can shoot true 1080p not some kind of interperlated HD from smaller sensors
-True manual focus
-Some really nice interface enhancements like Depth of Field view
-Rotating handgrip
-Their clip management software actually seems to work and is useful unlike Pannys
-Clip review button located on the body imeditaly plays back your last shot without having to switch modes


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