My next E-Seminar

Just a quick note to remind you that my next E-Seminar or CONNECT session is on this Friday at midday. If you havn’t already registered just go to the Video E-Seminar Registration Page and register for the E-Seminar you want to attend. These are all free sessions and not only do you get to hear me ramble on for the better part of an hour but at the end you can ask questions and get additional hints, tips and tricks. This weeks session will be on File Formats and CODECs, an admittedly dry subject, but also a very important one, I will go through everything from acquisition CODECs through to the best CODECs to edit in and finally the different delivery CODECs and why you would use them. As always I love the challenge of questions, so by all means, come ready with questions in hand about anything (doesn’t have to just be about CODECs). Also, I can’t recommend highly enough the other E-Seminars, I have been sitting in on a few of the sessions on technologies and software that I don’t use as often in my day to day work, and have been learning a great deal. They are so easy to watch, just sit back and have your lunch while you watch the best of the best (or the best of the rest in my case;)


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