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Matrox M.Key

Posted in Technology on September 25, 2007 by evanbutson

Ok, so I have been playing around with a new toy for the last few days, the Matrox MKey . And so far I have to say the results have been not quite what I expected but not as bad as I had feared. The basic idea of this little doo-dad is it is a set of CODECS to allow you to read and write most of the Matrox AXIO file formats, in both SD and HD. Unlinke the previous DigiSuite CODEC though, which was free, the M.Key has to be purchased and will not run without the supplied Dongle. Once you get over that little shock, you move on to the install, or you don’t as I discovered if you are running Adobe CS3, unfortunately as Premiere CS3 installs into a different path than CS2 the M.Key installer gets confused and doesnt install any presets into Premiere, the workaround is to install it on a system running Premiere CS2 and then copying the presets across to CS3, inelegant but it worked. Once you do get it installed you are greeted in Premiere CS3 with a whole bunch of new project presets for both SD and HD. Unfortunately despite the fact that the Axio and even its younger brother the RTx2 both support Panasonic MXF files, the M.Key wont. So as it stands I am stuck with the Raylight MXF reader until the native Premiere Pro support update is released (well officially anyway ;). As I am slap bang in the middle of a TVC edit with footage in the Panasonic P2 format, I have been using the M.Key DVCPro50 CODEC in conjunction with Raylight and I have to say so far the results have been great. Editing and rendering speed with the CODEC are super fast, and I can see no quality degradation when looking at the original MXF files versus the Matrox DVCPro50 material. So all in all for my purposes the M.Key is great, I can access Axio created media as well use render to the Matrox HD and SD CODECS all with ease and without having to put hardware in my edit suite which, personally, for the short timeline TVC’s I edit, seems like a massive waste.